Portmeirion - central piazza

Portmeirion is a small touristic village, located in a peninsula in northern Wales. It was projected and built in early to mid 20th century, with a vision to recreate the ambience of a mediterranean village in mind. The mentor of this project was Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, who purchased the estate in 1925.

At Portmeirion you can find houses and buildings in eye catching colors. The design of those provides an amazing blend of local and foreign architectural styles.

An average of around 3 thousand tourists visit this colorful village every day. It should be noted that entrance to the village is only possible through the payment of a small admission fee.

Apart from the colorful houses, the place also includes a fully restored castellated mansion, known as Castell Deudraeth, which also has rooms for rent, along with most of the houses in the village. The gardens and lakes that can be found there are also points of interest for visitors, in a place that is now owned by a charity trust, Second Portmeirion Foundation.