Monastery of Tatev

Monastery of Tatev spring colors

The Monastery of Tatev is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. It was built in the 9th century and is situated on a large basalt plateau, near the village of Tatev, in the province of Syunik. Tatev hosted one of the most influential Armenian universities in the 14th century, which largely contributed to the local development in many fields, such as philosophy, arts, science and religion.

The Monastery of Tatev is comprised by three churches: St. Paul & St. Peter’s church, St. Mary’s church and St. Gregory (the illuminator)’s church. It also has a dining hall, a library, a mausoleum, along with other auxiliary buildings.

Besides, the monastery has an upright pendulum, which is known as the Gavazan (Staff). Its main purpose was to warn residents of minor earth tremors, giving them extra time to increase protection against possible earthquakes.

In the 14th century, the fortifications that make this place even more eye-catching were built to the south, west and north of the monastery with buildings for habitation, administration and other purposes. A nice way to reach the Monastery is by cable car. Known as Wings of Tatev, it connects the village of Halidzor with the Tatev Monastery, being on the Guinness World Records book as the “world’s longest non-stop double track cable car”