Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye - Portree

The Isle of Skye is one of the most attractive places in Scotland. It is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides archipelago, traditionally associated with the Scottish Highlands. It is located off the northwest coast of Scotland and its landscape provides some of the most picturesque sceneries of the country. As small as it is, Skye has a number of attractive sites that contribute to the frequent visits that tourists make to Scotland.

It has a wide variety of wildlife: several species of birds, fish, and mammals can be found in and around the island. Tourists enjoy seeing wild animals such as red deers, pine martens, Scottish wildcats and even mountain hares.

The sea around is just another feature that excites many visitors, due to the different spots available for fishing.

Tourists also have the opportunity to sail in the sea, getting to the spots where they can view the beautiful sea life like dolphins, seals, otters, sea eagles, among others. The biggest town on the island is Portree, with just over 2,000 inhabitants. Overall, the Isle of Skye is undoubtedly a remarkable beauty of nature.