Hoggar Mountains

Hoggar Mountains - aerial view

Located in southern Algeria, in the heart of the Sahara desert, the Hoggar Mountains (or Ahaggar Mountains) are nothing less than nature’s artistic display of mystic beauty. They are located along the Tropic of Cancer. The weather, although significantly hot with the heat often becoming scorching, holds an attraction nevertheless to people from other parts of the world willing to experience a range of climates.

If we start talking about the visual beauty and extraordinary view of this place, we would never find ourselves ceasing as it portrays the perfect picture of a scenic location from a book or an Arabian movie.

Many rock paintings have also been found here, clearly indicating the existance of prehistoric settlements. The biggest city of the region is Tamanrasset, built on a valley or wadi.

An interesting place to visit is the hermitage of Charles de Foucauld, a French Catholic missionary who lived among the Tuareg people. The tomb of Tin Hinan, a woman who is believed to be the ancestor of Tuareg, is also present within the area range of the Hoggar Mountains, in an oasis called Abalessa. On a final note, beware of kidnappings. The plateau was closed for about two years because of this, but it’s been peaceful since its reopening.