Djemila - aerial

Thirty miles away from Setif, a place called Djemila (“The Beautiful One”) is located at one of the most monumental sites of Northern Africa, specifically in Algeria. The ancient Roman city of Cuicul was first settled in the 1st century AD, being eventually abandoned after the fall of the Empire, during the 6th century AD.

Today, the prosperity of the ancient Roman Empire is shown by the Arch of Caracalla, the temples, a well-conserved bath compound and the theater, which was constructed by Emperor Antoninus Pius.

The museum of Djemila is equally inspiring, where walls are decorated with mosaic work salvaged from the site.

Djemila is a very interesting archaeological location, being in UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1982. Djemila was probably founded before 98 AD, during the rule of Roman Emperor Nerva. This place was built to fit in the hilly land, so it expanded without following the usual guidelines of other ancient Roman cities, eventually growing past its original fortified limits.