Baobab Avenue

The Baobab Avenue is located in Madagascar, Africa. It is a dirt road surrounded by the Baobab trees, which can be seen in most parts of the African regions, lined up in both sides of the road that is stretching between Morondava and Beloni Tsiribihina. This is located in the western side of the Menabe region in Madagascar.

This eye catching wonder has become a prominent touristic location since 2007. The Madagascar Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests has transformed it into a top attraction of the region. These 800-year-old baobab trees are preserved by the locals as a legacy of intense steamy forests that once flourished on Madagascar.

Among the baobab trees there are also two twisted trees (Baobabs Amoureux) that have their own fables of love and respect. The avenue of the Baobab trees hasn’t gained yet much attention from the government, despite of the popularity worldwide. Anyway, some efforts are undergoing to make this a bigger touristic site for the economic development of the region.