Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in Southeast Asia, specifically in Cambodia, being also known as the city of temples. It is a spectacular artistic archeological site, built by the Khmer civilization in its capital city, Yasodharapura.

The astonishing handmade Angkor Wat is the most interesting attraction of the Khmer Empire. The whole site is located within an area of 2 square kilometers, or around 0.8 square miles. At first it was built as a Hindu temple of the God Vishnu. In the 14th century the temple became a Buddhist religious site. The center of the temple is composed by a 200 feet tall tower accompanied by four other smaller towers.

The shape of the site resembles the Hindus’ God home, Mount Meru. If you want to visit Angkor Wat, you will have to enter from the main gate marked with four lions. One of its main features is Ta Reach, a big statue of God Vishnu located under the southern tower.

Another distinctive mark of Angkor Wat is the massive amount of tree roots found outside of the Ta Prohm temple, which have created a dilemma for workers between its needed restoration and the layout the temple offers because of its unique merger with the nearby jungle.